Call for essays "Beyond decline"

Following the book's launch of " Beyond the narrative of decline ", written by Mark Elchardus, the P&V Foundation launches a call for essays.

Today's young adults are convinced that their society is falling apart and is in a spiral of decline. The vast majority of them believe that the opportunity to have a good life in a good society is slipping away. Whether or not the decline is real and, where appropriate, unavoidable, the belief in decline, declinism, has far-reaching consequences. This declinism makes young people uncertain and anxious. It makes them look for scapegoats, it makes them intolerant and vulnerable to a populist policy of exclusion and malaise.

That's where the Essay prize Beyond Decline comes in. The prize will be awarded for well researched, well-argued and clearly written essays which make a convincing case in one or more of the following areas: refuting the narrative of decline, working on the assumption that decline exists but demonstrating how it can be averted or explaining how our society can tackle the big challenges, ...