How do I see my world in 2030?

Let young people have their say and find out what they think of the future !

This is the objective of the "How do I see my universe in 2030 ?" project, launched in January 2010 by the P&V Foundation. Young people who are today aged between 16 and 26 will be between 36 and 46 in 2030; what are their projects, their fears, their hopes, their ideas for our world, and what are their personal aspirations ?

About a hundred visions of 2030 have been published on the website

Express your vision of the future and it may just become a work of art. 
With this message, from 20 January to 30 April 2010, the P&V Foundation invited young people aged between 16 and 26, individually or as a group, to describe their vision of the world in 2030, in the form of a brief script or synopsis (written, audio or visual). About a hundred visions of the world in 2030 have been published on the project's website:

Two artistic productions using prizewinning synopses

On 26 May 2010, a jury made up of youth organisation leaders, chaired by Mark Elchardus, chairman of the P&V Foundation, selected the two prizewinning synopses (one in French, one in Dutch) which were used as a source of inspiration by two sizeable artistic productions. They were produced by young people accompanied by professional technicians and artists, and were broadcasted in 2012.

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