Background sub-reports

The following sub-reports on the research around young adults' expectations for the future were published in 2014:

  • A first report relates to the technical report (published in Dutch and French only).
  • A second report, "Better than their parents?" (published in Dutch and French only), was published in mid-June 2014. This examines young adults' perceptions of what their lives will be like when they are 40 (in terms of standard of living, leisure time, financial situation, housing, health, etc.) compared with their parents at the same age. Do they think their lives will be the same, better or worse than the lives of their parents at the age of 40? Which young people think they will have a better life, and which think they will have a worse life?
  • A third report, "Work and career" (published in Dutch and French only), published on 25 September 2014, examines the work situation of young adults and looks at how they see their future in terms of work, career and work/life balance. Do young adults still have a degree of job security or are their jobs precarious? Do they want a linear, long-term career or do they prefer a flexible career with a variety of different jobs? Can they combine their career with a family or do they have to choose between one or the other?
  • Click on this link to see the infographics for this report: "Work situation of young adults" and "Young adults' views on careers".
  • A fourth report, "Threats and helpers" (published in Dutch and French only), was published on 10 December 2014. This report looks at the potential risks that young adults see in their future (unemployment, children going off the rails, poor health, etc.) and who they rely on to help them deal with these risks. Do young adults look forward to the future or are they worried that over the next 10 years they will have to work harder, cut down on their expenditure and live in a poorer area…? Which groups see more or fewer threats in the future? Who and what do young adults rely on to build their ideal life and career and help them cope with the risks they encounter?
  • Click on this link to see the infographic for this report: "Risks in life".
  • A fifth report, "How many Belgians want their country to "split" and what future do they see for Belgium?" (published in Dutch only), examined the views and expectations of young adults about the partition of Belgium (into French-speaking Wallonia and Flemish-speaking Flanders).
  • A final report, "Future hopes and expectations about the European Union" (published in Dutch only), examined young adults' attitudes to the European Union.