Citizenship Award 2016

The 2016 Citizenship Award is given out to Michel Claise and Jan Nolf.

The P&V Foundation is awarding its 12th Citizenship Award on this Wednesday 23rd of December 2016, to Jan Nolf, honororay magistrate, and Michel Claise, investigating magistrate specialised in financial crimes. The Citizenship Award is an annual award conferred to a person, initiative or organisation, of Belgian or international origin, whose activity has shown exemplary commitment to promoting an open, democratic, tolerant society. 

Because it is actually under a lot of pressure, Justice is the public department that has been chosen by the jury this year. The two laureates each work in different fields inside this sector but they both defend the same values, which are the protection of every individual's right, the egality of each person by the law, and the independance of justice against the power of money. By their actions and words in the medias, they show how individuals can contribute to change from inside the system.

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New call for projects: My Future, Our Society

Just 16% of young adults believe they can rely on the political system to help them solve their problems or achieve their dreams. For the most part, they rely on themselves, their family and a bit of luck. Yet politics loses its meaning if people do not realise that having a good job, a comfortable home, a nice neighbourhood, safe streets and decent healthcare are strongly tied to collective conditions.

In order to combat this 'political alienation', Foundation P&V's new multi-year project seeks to reintroduce young people and young adults to social engagement and the political system in general, by showing them that through collective action, personal problems can be solved and dreams can be achieved.

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NEW BOOK on Young adults' expectations of the future

On 6 October 2015, the book "Voorbij het narratief van neergang" / "Au-delà du déclin" (Beyond the Narrative of Decline), written by Mark Elchardus, was launched. This book is the result of a research where 2,000 young adults were interviewed. This research was carried out in collaboration with the Foundation P&V.

People in this generation are very optimistic about their lives – their work, career, family, housing, living environment. This is in stark contrast to their expectations for society. Here they anticipate a sharp decline, they feel that everything of value (employment, job security, security, environment, social cohesion etc.) is being lost. The book analyses the consequences of this belief in decline (declinism) in detail.



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From declinism to hope: Debating our future

Following our study on young adults’ expectations of the future and the publication of the book “Beyond the narrative of Decline” in 2015, the P&V Foundation organized a conference and debate which took place on the 24th of May in Brussels on the subject of “declinism” and political alienation of youngsters in our society. The aim of this event is to share an optimistic vision on the subject and to suggest solutions for the future of our society.

The challenges faced by Belgium and Europe today are considerable. Thus it seemed  to us quite essential to invite a number of inspiring speakers, specialised in a particular field, in order to share their view on the matter and try to put forward a more positive vision of our society. Moreover, with this conference, we wanted to challenge, not only our public on these matters, but also the political world and the public authorities, so that everyone can play their part and adjust their role to improve our living conditions.

Among the invited speakers, we will be honored to welcome Jean-François Caron, maire of the french town called Loos-en-Gohelle, the sociologist Frank Furedi, the sociologist, teacher and philosopher Raphaël Liogier, the columnist and professor Paul Scheffer, the sociologist and author of "Beyond the narrative of Decline" Mark Elchardus, and the anthropologist and professor Olivier Servais.



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