Ever since 1930, P&V insurance, cooperative insurer and pioneer of the social economy in Belgium, spends part of its profits to social work.  
In 1997, P&V's social commitment was further strengthened by a series of actions designed to combat the marginalisation of young people.

The Foundation P&V was created in 2000 and now works independently from its patron, the P&V Group. Acknowledged as a foundation for public utility since 2006, it undertakes various projects both in Belgium and at a European level.


The Solidarsong non-profit organisation launched a campaign to raise awareness of the social marginalisation of young people. The proceeds from a concert went to 13 projects across Belgium.


The P&V Fund against the social marginalisation of young people was created under the patronage of the King Baudouin Foundation. Its most notable action is without doubt the Young People's Parliament. The Council of Europe considered this project a model for citizenship.


The P&V Foundation is born. In order to give a European dimension to its actions, the P&V Foundation co-founded the body known as PEFONDES (European Network of the Foundations for Social Economy).


PEFONDES led its first common project, under the name Living together in a plural society.


The second PEFONDES project dealt with the Fight against discrimination of non-native young people on the job market.

2004 – 2007

The P&V Foundation created the Belgian project entitled Live Together: promoting the accessibility of young people's associations. (download pdf Dutch or French)


In Belgium, the P&V Foundation started the project Spot-on!! The Music Project which allows young people's associations to create musical projects.

2007– 2008

Second edition of Spot-On!! The Music Project is created.

2008 – 2009

Alongside PEFONDES, the Foundation P&V took part in the Citizenship – Interculturality - Dialogue project, choosing for Belgium the theme of: French speakers, Dutch speakers: how to communicate with one another?

2009 – 2012

In Belgium, the Foundation is consulting young people about their future as part of the project How do I see my world in 2030?

2012 – 2015

The Foundation launches a major research/action program on early school leaving and youth unemployment.

2016 - 2019

To counter the "political alienation" of youngsters, the new multi-year project of the P&V Foundation wanted to reconcile young people and young adults with social commitment and politics in the broad sense. This by showing that through collective action they can solve personal problems and realise their wishes. Through "My Future, Our Society", our general objective was to make young people and young adults aware that through collective action, and in dialogue with other actors including (local) authorities and public institutions, they can solve personal problems or realise their wishes.

2019 - 2021

In our current society, two separate groups (of youngsters) seem to have formed and seem to live next to each other. These two groups seem to cristallize around education. In order to try to overcome the divisions in our society, the Foundation P&V is launching a far-reaching operation: Connected you(th). Overcoming divisions in society.