The winners of the call for projects "My future, our society"

A call for collective action

Only 16% of young adults still rely on politics and collective solutions to help them solve their problems or realize their dreams, while the rest rely much more on themselves, their family and a portion of luck.

In 2016, the P&V Foundation launched a call for projects: "My Future, Our Society" aimed to organizations working with and for youngsters. The aim is to show youngsters the positive outcome of working together with other young people while keeping a constant dialogue with other actors, including the public authorities, for the realization of a concrete project, or to solve daily problems. The call for projects is also a means to stimulate the actions of political institutions concerning the wishes and daily problems of youngsters.

On Tuesday, May 23, 2017, during its annual conference, the P&V Foundation announced the eight winners of the call for projects  "My Future, Our Society". Four Dutch-speakers and four French-speakers were selected after an intensive selection process. They now receive financial support from the P&V Foundation to set up their project over a period of one year and a half.

Selection procedure

The winners were subjected to a rigorous selection procedure. After an initial selection, the P&V Foundation invited representatives of the 32 most promising projects to an Expert Day in Brussels. The teams were able to present their projects, defend and refine them following the meeting with the "experts" present. Subsequently, a jury selected the eight winners, four Dutch-speakers and four French-speakers. They now obtain scholarships between 10,000 and 50,000 euros, according to the budget requested by each project.

The winner teams have until the end of 2018 to carry out their projects. Each project will be closely monitored and supported by the P&V Foundation, through expert advice and meetings. Towards the beginning of 2019, the P&V Foundation will organize a closing event where the winners will present their project, the results and the knowledge gained.

The winners (The order of presentation is random)


ADES 2.0 is an initiative of the ADES (Ecological and Social Democratic Alternatives) network, which aims to offer a place where youngsters can meet and develop new ideas around three key values: collective action, conviviality and solidarity (repair coffee, debates organisation, etc.). With ADES 2.0, the network wants to add a "project incubator" for all young people.

Contact: Jérôme Van Ruychevelt,,


There is no single "type" of the youngster from Antwerp. Each youth organization in the city has its own individuality, its network of volunteers and its specific target audience. With their "J100" project, Antwerp youth organizations want to strengthen the position of young people in the city by giving them a voice. Young people dream of a cabin in the trees that could symbolize their ideas. This hut will bring together all the young people of "J100" and will allow them to invite political decision-makers to dialogue with them after the communal elections. After the elections, this hut will be the unique place where all young Antwerpers can come and continue to dream.

Contact: Els Van Effelterre,,



Through its project of a collective kitchen garden, the youth house of Jalhay-Sart wants to open its garden to all those who want to actively engage in the community life of Jalhay-Sart. All generations of people living in the area are invited to maintain the vegetable garden and to harvest - literally - the fruits of their work. The planned collaborations with artists in the kitchen garden also make it a pleasant meeting place in which new ideas can be brought to life.

Contact: Demelenne Julien, animateur, tél: 087/377.340,,



Cachet is an association that aims to take care of every child and every young person. The heart of Cachet's activity is the creation of meetings between and by young people who have had an experience in the youth aid system. In this way, a network is built and allows young people to find their way. In addition to the networks in Brussels, Antwerp, Mechelen and Limburg, Cachet aspires to set up a regional branch in the Flemish Brabant following the request of the young people of this region. Through this new network, they want to bring to light the needs, desires and dreams of these young people with a difficult past, to attract the attention of policy-makers, politicians and society as a whole.

Contact: Miet Neyens,,


Maroll's is a socio-educational project carried out by the Marolles Scout Unit and it is intended for a vulnerable public and their families. Between their first experience 8 years ago and today they have gone from 15 young people to 70 youngsters from 6 to 18 years old. With the ultimate aim of passing the torch on to the local youth, today's scout leaders want to take their 16-18-year-olds to Greece on a cooperative farm for a volunteer stay. They will have renovated a minibus before they can travel and organized a music festival in their neighborhood to get acquainted and encourage other young people and their families to be part of their movement.

Contact: Brieuc Wathelet,


With the help of young people and local authorities, the organisation [ew32] created a unique project launched in four Flemish cities (Ninove, Diest, Maasmechelen, Bornem). This game aims to answer the question "what would you do if you were the mayor of your city"? Armed with digital tablets, the participating youngsters walk around the city and meet various local public services and organisations. Each successful mission allows young people to receive an amount they can then invest in local projects.

Contact: Lieve Achten,,



At the age of 18, unaccompanied foreign minors (MENA) have to leave the Belgian refugee centrums with little or no supervision at all. This is why the organisation "Couleur Café", located in Malmédy, wants to offer these youngsters better future prospects. Through workshops and projects created to raise public awareness on their situation, young people will be able to think and act together to take their lives in charge.

Contact: Hanife Catalkaya,



Last year in 2016, some young people from Bruges-North decided to build their own secret youth house as a creative response to the lack of youth centers in their neighborhood. Named "De Vrienden van De Put" (Friends of the Hole), they were quickly discovered by the local authorities. Fortunately, their story does not end there and thanks to the media attention they received, and the P&V Foundation grant, young people will create this summer a temporary meeting place with local youth. Hoping to be able to settle in a permanent space later!

Contact: Sandy Bogaerts,


24 May 2017

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